Thank you for being here. Please stay. ; )

I’m Xueliu,¬†and I am a master candidate at the Chair of SME research and entrepreneurship studying hyperlocal media at the University of Mannheim. Thus, I’m interested in how people receive, read and digest the news, especially local news in a digital era.

But – I am not asking you to fill out a survey form or interview in a Focus Group, I would like to meet you in person and the interview will:

  1. start with several questions to know you a little bit closer.
  2. Then our topic will shift to your online news reading habit, including how often, how long, from where do you and what kind of news do you read nowadays and how satisfied you are with those newsfeeds.
  3. In the last section, I would like to ask you some questions about hyperlocal media and what is your relationship with local news, for example, Karlsruhe or any region to which you feel a close affinity. Of course, you do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer and I will also share my views and experience during the interview to see if any of those resonate with you.

The interview will not be tape-recorded and your personal information (name and E-mail) will be removed from the hard copy of my thesis. What will be summarized would be the main findings during our conversation, demographic information for instance age, hometown, occupation, time invested in working and career, hobbies.

It could be a coffee meet up, at an after-work event, at lunch break or at any other interesting events you’re going if you are in Mannheim, Heidelberg or Ludwigshafen. If you would like to participant but away from the Rhine-Neckar region, Skype will be definitely an alternative.

If you are willing to participate, please shoot me an e-mail at: with any content and title. Simply a message would be enough and thankful. I will then schedule a time and location with you. Your earliest convenience and help is highly appreciated.

So, would you please give me chance to buy you a coffee? : )